Updating Voice Network to The Latest Technology (Canadian Retail Customers Only)

Allstream is committed to providing its customers with a superior customer experience. To better serve our customers, Allstream is in the process of transitioning its voice services from a legacy to a modern Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service.

This means that we’ll decommission legacy switches and move our customers’ services to our VOIP switches throughout 2022 and 2023. Your business will experience the same reliability of voice services on the new platform as well as gain many additional benefits such as being powered by current technology.

Most customers will experience minimal impact to their business during the migration. A few items to note for our retail customers:

  • Customers will gain an extended local calling area of 525 native rate centers which previously incurred long distance for calling. This means that once our customers are on our newer platform, dialing between major cities in Canada will no longer incur long distance charges.
  • While most services are supported on our VOIP switches, there are a limited number of services that we will no longer support. Allstream will contact the impacted customers in 2022.

Please contact Allstream’s Customer Care with any questions.