Full-service senior center upgrades phone system for long-term flexibility, scalability.

Operating on an obsolete phone system, the Kerby Centre needed to upgrade to something with modern functionality and flexibility. However, as a non-profit, the center had a limited operating budget. Allstream recommended a Unified Communications (UC) Cloud Voice solution.


Kerby Centre’s old phone system was outdated and obsolete. The center needed to upgrade to something with modern functionality in order to meet the needs of its staff and clientele, but with a limited budget, a modern solution seemed out of reach.


Allstream recommended a cloud-based Unified Communication (UC) solution. Powered by Mitel®, the solution allows Kerby Centre to have full functionality of a modern phone system on a budget-friendly OpEx pricing.


Improved functionality and flexibility allows staff to connect with each other and their senior clients anywhere, anytime. The OpEx pricing gives Kerby Centre a predictable monthly fee that fits into its budget.


  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
Kerby Centre

An Allstream customer for nearly 30 years, the Kerby Centre knew that it could count on Allstream to recommend a solution that would power continued growth. Allstream helped the center move from a digital system to a full unified communications system—without a significant increase in cost.

Business Challenge

The Kerby Centre has been serving Calgary, Alberta seniors for nearly 50 years, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, the not-for-profit organization needed new and creative ways to allow staff to work from anywhere while meeting the needs of clients. In addition, the Kerby Centre wanted to move forward with plans to expand into a second facility in Medicine Hat. It became clear that its old phone system could not provide the flexibility and scalability necessary to meet both of those challenges.

Larry Mathieson Kerby Centre

“COVID has put us in a situation where we need much more flexibility and functionality of our phone and our IT services. Allstream was able to recommend products that work regardless of whether the centers were shut down or our staff needed to work at home.”

Larry Mathieson, CEO, Kerby Centre and Veiner Centre

Allstream worked with the Kerby Centre to implement a new UCCV solution—one that gave the center the flexibility and functionality it needed to grow at a price that fit in the not-for-profit budget.

Kerby Centre has been an Allstream customer for nearly 30 years; during that time, the center has transitioned from analog to digital to VoIP phones. Allstream has guided the Kerby Centre along the way, always ensuring that the center had the best options to serve the needs of local seniors.


Allstream recommended a cloud-based unified communications solution powered by Mitel® technology. The solution gives the Kerby Centre much greater mobility and flexibility to serve seniors where they are, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

In addition, the Allstream solution met the Kerby Centre’s budget needs. The center’s leadership team had feared that their existing solution was so old and obsolete that a new one would be cost prohibitive. Allstream was able to meet the Kerby Centre’s technology needs with only a slight increase in cost over the old system.

Kerby Centre staff

“The functionality of the system has been way more practical for us and much more effective in being able to deliver services to seniors, wherever they are and wherever we are.”

Larry Mathieson, CEO, Kerby Centre and Veiner Centre


With greater flexibility and mobility, the Kerby Centre has improved communication between its two locations and among staff members and clients—wherever they are. The new system also gives the center the freedom to focus on expanding services and reach without concerns over whether its communication solution can keep up.

Business Continuity: As the Kerby Centre must adapt to ongoing pandemic-related restrictions, its staff and leadership can now easily work from anywhere, even if the center is closed. In addition, staff can stay in touch with vulnerable seniors more effectively, ensuring their needs are met.

Collaboration and Connection: The cloud-based solution allows staff and leadership to work from anywhere—even a senior’s home. By giving staff the ability to work in either center or on the road, everyone stays connected, and seniors get improved service and attention.

Expanded Services: Not only was the new system a key ingredient in opening the Kerby Centre’s new location in Medicine Hat, but it also helped provide a foundation for expanding mobile meal services to seniors.

“A lot of our business model is working with seniors and older adults where they are, which means our staff has to be much more mobile… This technology does allow us to scale to the new challenges that we’re facing because of COVID and the economy…”

Larry Mathieson, CEO, Kerby Centre and Veiner Centre


Flexibility and mobility: The cloud-based system allows staff to meet seniors and older adults wherever they are—even in their own homes. In addition, the system facilitated the expansion to a second facility by giving leadership the ability to work in either location.

Cost-effective: The Kerby Centre was able to implement a state-of-the-art, modern unified communications solution that completely replaced its old solution with only a slight increase in cost.

Easy and simple: Allstream’s attention to both budget and functionality made upgrading to the new system simple and seamless.