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We offer traditional (as well as Cloud-based) business-class PBX voice telephony services to Enterprise and SMB customers in the United States and Canada.

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Allstream offers a full range of traditional PBX voice services that businesses of all sizes can use for their basic communication needs. This includes local access services, which are comprised primarily of Business Lines, Business Line bundles, and ISDN PRI trunk services. Allstream also provides long distance and toll-free services, allowing for worldwide calling to and from customer’s businesses. Services are provided over Allstream facilities, as well as over leased facilities from third-party providers.

Note: If you are looking at updating or replacing an existing traditional PBX solution, we can help you. However, business phone system options have evolved and there are compelling Cloud-based solutions that can fully replace or work in conjunction with traditional PBX. To learn more, read 'Your Guide To Finding a New Business Phone System'.


Allstream offers broad traditional PBX-based business voice coverage across North America, allowing many companies to purchase all their business phone system services from a single provider. Allstream owns and operates its own network, which allows us to offer robust, high-quality, secure services at competitive prices.

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We offer a full set of features that customers expect from their traditional telephony services, including basic dial-tone, access to local telephone numbers, and full support of Local Number Portability. In addition, a full suite of calling line features such as Call Waiting, Voicemail and Call Forwarding are available. Our Toll-free service offers 1-800 dialing and routing services complete with customer self-administration, while our long distance service offers direct dialing access to over 200 international destinations worldwide.

For larger PBX applications, Allstream also offers ISDN PRI trunk service, which provides high capacity TDM trunking to your business PBX. ISDN PRI supports a full range of features including DIDs, Release Link Trunk, Virtual Groups, and Local redirect that give you the performance and functionality needed for business critical applications.

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