Drive collaboration both internally and externally with easy-to-use web and video conferencing

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Powered by the Cisco Webex Suite, Allstream's Web and Video Conferencing solution makes it easy for people to collaborate and work remotely.

Use it both inside and outside your business to drive relationships between you and your customers — and grow your business. Our conferencing experts will work with you to find the right configuration for your business, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Key Benefits

Simple Collaboration

Start and host web and video conferences easily, saving time and effort.

Scalable Conferencing

Offer scalable conferencing to your business, from a few participants to large events.

High-quality Experiences
Provide high-quality experiences with HD video, advanced noise-cancelling features, and a comprehensive list of supported audio codecs.
Easy Invitations
Invite anyone to a web or video conference, with no need for them to download anything. Just click and they’re in. Your attendees can also get a call back to join the audio with no additional digits to dial.
Flexible Access
Join from any desktop or mobile device, as the Webex Suite integrates with many of the top services, such as Office 365, Salesforce and Skype for Business.
Powerful Video Conferencing Devices
Use powerful AI-powered video devices for both small and large rooms.

Why Choose Allstream?

Allstream has partnered with conferencing expert, Cisco Webex, to provide a business-leading conferencing solution. Our solution uses enterprise-class encryption technology to ensure all of your conferencing communications are protected end-to-end. Allstream is trusted by governments and enterprises that work in the most highly-regulated industries, with conferencing experts that are highly trained and certified.

Collaboration Without Limits:
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Learn why you must adopt communication and collaboration strategies that include web and video conferencing.

Collaboration Without Limits
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Five Ingredients for a Successful Web Conferencing Implementation

Modern businesses increasingly rely on online collaboration tools, including web and video conferencing platforms. Wherever you are in implementing web conferencing, here are the steps you can take to help ensure a successful adoption.

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Key Features

Single Click Meeting Management

Single Click Meeting Management

Schedule and start conferences with a single click to save time.

Automatic Call Back to Join

Automatic Call Back to Join

Easily join the meeting by requesting that the system calls your number to connect you to the meeting, with no additional digits to dial.

Automatic Pairing

Automatic Pairing

Seamlessly switch between devices during conferences through our automatic pairing feature.

Powerful Meeting Room Devices

Powerful Meeting Room Devices

Use voice activation to start meetings or add participants, push a simple green button to join meetings, gain a camera that follows the speaker and more.

Easy recording management

Easy Recording Management

Record conferences easily and share them with anyone after the session. Use AI speech recognition to easily find specific information in the recording.

Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams

Create a virtual conference team to drive collaboration and engagement in a secure and scalable environment. Use it to manage communication across the team, share files, chat and meet with members, and more. Achieve maximum benefits by connecting your Webex Team to Office 365.

Third-party Integrations

Third-party Integrations

Streamline projects by integrating third-party applications to create a central hub for project-specific communication. Apps such as JIRA, SharePoint, Google Drive and Outlook are available for integration, with more apps added regularly.

Enterprise-Level Security

Enterprise-Level Security

Gain enterprise-level secure conferencing with encrypted communication end-to-end, ensuring everything is protected.

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