Allstream Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Seamless and simple—Allstream Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams™ gives you cost-effective, high-quality phone calls for your Microsoft Teams environment.

Allstream Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams™ gives you high-quality voice communications on a network configuration that’s just right for your business—at a fraction of the cost of other options.

Allstream’s Direct Routing solution for Microsoft Teams enables you to make and receive calls through your Teams environment. You get cost-effective, high-quality voice service with the collaboration functionality of Microsoft Teams. All of the quality, security and resiliency you’d expect from a reliable voice network without sacrificing collaboration—what could be better?

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Key Benefits

Seamless Collaboration
Allstream’s Direct Routing solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to provide access to high-quality voice services and enables you to pivot between calls, messaging and videos.
Built-in Resiliency
With the Allstream network, you get built-in failover and rerouting options and a 100% uptime guarantee.
Allstream Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams has the encryption and security you need to ensure confidentiality.
Voice Expertise
By selecting Allstream Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, you get to work directly with a carrier with over 170 years of experience providing high-quality service to customers.
Cross-Border Service
With a presence in the US and Canada, Allstream can serve your business on both sides of the border.
Keep expenses manageable by only paying for the capacity you need. Allstream Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams gives you high-quality voice service without breaking the bank.
Easy Implementation
Implementation is simple and seamless. Port your lines directly to the new service and keep your existing numbers. The only thing your team and customers will notice is the improved voice quality.

Why Choose Allstream?

Allstream has over 170 years of experience in voice technology and an extensive network of partnerships across the US and Canada. Wherever your offices are, you will get local support backed by national expertise.

Key Features

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Low Cost
Local numbers and unlimited local usage, plus volume discounts on outbound domestic and international long distance calls, help keep costs manageable.
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SIP session encryption that meets Microsoft’s security and privacy requirements.
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Geographically diverse IP bandwidth with redundant connections in the US and Canada.
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Complies with all US and Canadian regulations, including emergency calls.

Employers and employees are realizing that the “office” doesn’t always look like four walls and a desk; it may be anything from a kitchen table to a hotel lobby to a flexible desk in a co-op workspace. Collaboration tools are key to remote work success.

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