Modernize your video security with HD cameras, encrypted recording and machine learning features.


Modernize your video security with HD cameras, encrypted recording and machine learning features.

IT CloudView Surveillance provides both security and valuable insights with next-level technology.

Integrating the latest HD cameras with encrypted recording options and AI features, IT CloudView Surveillance provides your business both security and valuable insights that will optimize the way you run your business today and in the future.  

Key Benefits

Innovative Storage 

Reduce your dependence on network video recording and storage, as the IT CloudView Surveillance cameras have high-endurance storage located directly on them.

Reliable & Scalable  Recording

Automated bandwidth management optimizes the system’s network usage, and the automated failover keeps it running even during outages.

Powerful Analytics

Discover business insights through automated and powerful analytic features such as motion search, motion heat maps, object detection and more.

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Why Choose Allstream?

Through our long-standing partnership with Cisco, Allstream is proud to offer you IT CloudView Surveillance. Powered by Cisco Meraki, one of the most trusted sources of IT networking and security solutions in the world, IT CloudView Surveillance will bring video surveillance into the 21st century and beyond. Our customers enjoy the high-quality security that today’s modern businesses need, along with the innovative insights that drive their businesses forward.

Key Features

Centralized Monitoring

Manage and monitor your cameras from a single, web-based portal.

Edge Storage

Minimize your network storage needs through solid-state storage on the cameras themselves (up to 256 GB).

Advanced Analytics

Uncover business insights with built-in video analytics tools.

Secure Encryption

Enjoy encrypted video recording and storage with TLS and AES encryption.

Automatic Firmware Updates

Eliminate manual release and firmware updates with IT CloudView Surveillance's auto-update features.

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