Internet Access

Designed to ensure consistent and superior connectivity for all of your business cloud needs.

Internet Access

Designed to ensure consistent and superior connectivity for all of your business cloud needs.

Allstream’s high bandwidth Internet services are designed to provide your business with reliable and superior connectivity.


Provides multiple, aggregated access links to the Internet to power your mission-critical cloud applications.

SD-Internet combines multiple Internet connections for a flexible, reliable and scalable solution that keeps you connected.

SD-Internet Key Features

Avoid Downtime

Continually monitored service dynamically selects the best access path for your data

Bi-Directional Quality of Service (QoS)

Enjoy high performance of voice communications and business applications with our QoS features that seamlessly prioritizes critical applications.

Flexible Connectivity

Create a hybrid network of Internet connectivity in your SD-Internet solution, with up to four options: broadband, customer-provided, wireless or Allstream Dedicated Internet Access.

More Features Available

Power up your technology. Our experts can ensure your solution uniquely fits your business needs.

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Dedicated Internet Access

Expand your Internet access and bandwidth with dedicated connectivity.

This solution is for businesses who need dedicated, symmetric access to the Internet that’s optimized to provide you with the fastest and most reliable connection.

Dedicated Internet Access Key Features

Guaranteed Network Reliability

Our solutions are backed by an industry-leading Service Level Agreement that ensures guaranteed uptime, low latency and superior packet delivery.


Our network is optimized for current technology including IPv6 and anything else that will come in the future.

Built-in Resiliency

Enjoy Internet connectivity that features redundant and diverse routing options through a geographically-distributed network.

Consistent Performance

We build our networks to deliver peak bandwidth utilization for our customers. When we reach a particular threshold that might impact customer performance, we increase capacity to prevent congestion.

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Cloud Firewall

For our customers in the United States, we offer an optional Cloud Firewall service with Dedicated Internet Access solutions.

Cloud Firewall is a network-based firewall solution that protects your business through traffic pattern and data analysis. Using predetermined security policies and known threats, Cloud Firewall controls access to your network to protect it at all levels.

Key Features

Network Protection
Protect your network with anti-virus and anti-spyware detection on all your Internet traffic.
Application Layer Control
Manage which applications have access to the Internet and how they get there.
URL Filtering
Block sites that are potentially dangerous or inappropriate for your workplace.
Alerting and Reporting
Get notifications of potential threats as well as scheduled summary reports of your security status.
Secure Connections
Create encrypted IP-SEC tunnels between all your sites while also allowing secure VPN remote connections.

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