Cloud Connect

Make the most of your cloud infrastructure with a secure, reliable connection that puts the cloud exchange in the palm of your hand.

The Cloud Connect Advantage

Your cloud infrastructure is too important to risk.

Between security threats, lagging connections and potential downtime, trusting your most valuable data and services to a public Internet connection may be putting your operations at risk. Using a dedicated connection through a service provider can help, but do you know exactly what speeds, security, and support you’re getting?

Allstream’s Cloud Connect service gives you reliable, secure access to your mission-critical data and services whenever you need them.

Key Benefits


Your Cloud Connect service is simple to set up and easy to use. And if you are already doing business on an Allstream network, you can streamline all of your Internet access services into one simple monthly payment.


Prioritize your most important apps and services so that mission-critical functions are always available. Give your IT team full control over your network without additional strain on your resources.

Save money by implementing right-sized Internet and Cloud Connect bandwidths.

Robust connectivity

With nearly 50,000 buildings accessible with Allstream’s fiber network, Allstream supports your business 24/7/365. 


Automatic failovers and redundancies guarantee that you have access to all of your data and cloud apps, including AI and IoT functions.


Connect with the speed you need at either 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps and multiple Ethernet options.*

Traffic Management and Prioritization 

Multiple Class of Service (CoS) profile options to allow you to control your network traffic and prioritize services.

Private and Secure 

Keep your data off the public Internet with Ethernet VLAN tagging, and maintain private connections with your cloud service and other sites.

Multiple Providers

Direct connections to additional cloud service providers, such as Microsoft® Azure and Google Cloud Platform™, will be available in the coming months. Cloud Connect customers will be able to access multiple providers with ease.

* Additional options available in the coming months, including shared connections and expanded bandwidth options.

Cloud Connect for AWS

You depend on AWS to power your business. But who do you depend on to connect to AWS?

Allstream’s Cloud Connect for AWS is a direct connection from your network to AWS that gives you the reliability, security and control you need to keep your business humming. And as a certified AWS Service Delivery Provider, you can rest assured that our connection to your cloud infrastructure meets AWS exacting standards.

Key Benefits

Enhanced security 

Reduce the risk of a data breach by using an Allstream private connection.

Better performance

Avoid the “congestion” common on the public Internet with a direct, private connection to your cloud service provider.

Improved continuity

With redundancies and automatic failovers built in, you’ll never have to worry about downtime.

Greater network control

Class of Service (CoS) options allow you to control your network and prioritize services.

AWS certification 

Cloud connectivity that adheres to standards set by AWS.

Learn how Cloud Connect can help you take control of your AWS cloud infrastructure.

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Customers trust Allstream to provide connectivity solutions that help keep data secure and business up and running. Our experts are highly trained and participate in regular certification programs to stay updated on the latest networking, connectivity and communication technology. We’ll make sure to connect and secure your networks with the right balance of performance, quality and reliability for your business.

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