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Sourcing Mitel solutions from Allstream makes sense for your business.

Allstream can help you choose the best Mitel technology for your business. Whether you are considering cloud, hybrid, on-premise, or a combination, Allstream has the experience to make the decision easy for you and will focus on what is important to your business.

You want to increase employee productivity? Mitel collaboration and mobility tools are simple to use and integrated with existing technologies. Is the experience of your customers your priority? Consider Mitel’s contact center solutions that utilize multi-channel, multimedia, workforce management, CRM integrations and AI.

You can trust that Allstream is the right partner to seamlessly integrate Mitel technologies into your business. With over 20 years of experience with Mitel solutions, Allstream has the people and the process for successful long-term implementations. As a Mitel Platinum partner, Allstream can support small to large customers and is committed to deploying the right Mitel solution for your business.

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Stripes Earned.

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Turn-key, fully-implemented.

Allstream can do all the design and implementation to simply and easily integrate Mitel technology into your business. We offer full expert support and deployment for Mitel solutions, ensuring you are able to make the most of them. We’ll take the pressure off your IT people so they can focus on your strategic initiatives.

We support a full range of core Mitel solutions and products including:


  • Cloud Business Phone Systems (UC Cloud Voice)
  • Collaboration and Conferencing (Audio web video conferencing, UC Conference Phones)
  • Hybrid Cloud PBX
  • On-site Business Phone Systems (MiVoice Business, MiVoice Office 250, MiVoice Business Console, Mitel MiVoice 3300 Controllers)
  • Hospitality Phone Systems (Cloud, On-Premise)
  • Contact Center (Multimedia, Omni-channel, Call Recording, Cloud, Hybrid, MiContact Center Business)
  • IP Phones (6920, 6930, 6940, 5304, 5320, 5330, 5340)
  • Open integrations (, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Outlook, Open APIs)

Breathe easy - we've got you covered.

We are fully versed in best-practices such as project management, training and implementation to ensure solutions are deployed easily and to your specifications. The Allstream advantage:


Every customer whether cloud, hybrid or on-premise has their own communications system that is not shared with other customers. All Mitel desktop devices and applications work seamlessly together. We also integrate with third party applications, depending on customer needs. Allstream provides a customized approach to project management, deployment, on-site and on-going training.


Allstream is a one stop shop for unified communications and network requirements, including SD-WAN, cloud firewall, internet and more.


Stay ahead of the curve.

Mitel is constantly innovating, evolving, and offering new capabilities and functionality. We are at the front of the line embracing these changes and delivering them to our customers as part of the service.


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A private & secure option.

Multi-tenant solutions are common and can work well in many situations.

However, Allstream focuses on delivering a dedicated private cloud solution. Entirely untouched by or unconnected to other tenants, you’ll have full performance, control, flexibility, and security options.

Who we've helped.

We’ve deployed Mitel solutions to many businesses with varying goals and needs. Here are some:

Episciences success story

Episciences Inc.

PRO Youth and Families success story

PRO Youth


We've got your back.

We’ve earned our status as a cutting edge Mitel Platinum Partner though years of experience in the delivery of robust, custom Mitel solutions.

IImagine having a team of Mitel experts behind you whose mission it is to ensure your success. We take the time to work with you closely, understanding your needs, to develop the solution that’s right for you. That, in combination with our enterprise-grade business solutions and performance, means that working with us will feel different and we can be depended upon to power your organization each day, and into the future.

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