Pacific Northwest Telco

A Partnership Built on Trust

Pacific Northwest Telco and Allstream Work to Provide Business Solutions with Creativity, Integrity and Accountability.

The Pacific Northwest Telco Story

Pacific Northwest Telco (PNT) launched in 2002 with the goal of bringing voice and data services to customers nationwide. Founders and co-owners John Bogaty, Mike Ward and Chris Suhr bring a consultative approach to solving business problems through LAN, WAN and communication solutions. Approximately half of the company’s business is related to phone systems with an emphasis on cloud communication solutions; the other half of PNT’s business is focused around the services that connect phone systems and allow them to work.

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“Trust is built by following through. It’s a culture that’s created from the top down. Allstream has created that culture.”

John Bogaty, Owner and President, Pacific Northwest Telco

Based in Portland, Oregon, PNT employs nine people in three offices throughout the western US. The company targets the SMB market, focusing on healthcare and multi-site companies with up to 100 employees.

Pacific Northwest Telco’s Mission and Values

Problem Solving with Integrity and Accountability

PNT Owner and President John Bogaty puts a high value on integrity and accountability. “Mistakes aren’t big problems,” he says. “It’s how you react to them that matters. I’m never interested in blaming anybody. I’m interested in fixing the problem.”

To that end, Bogaty appreciates Allstream’s emphasis on providing the resources PNT needs to solve customer problems and provide
the best solutions. “Requests can get done with Allstream in hours when it would take others days, days when it would take others
weeks, and weeks when it would take others months,” he says. “The amount of time we spend solving problems is a fraction of other suppliers” thanks to the support from Allstream.

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“I can feel comfortable committing services to the customers and know Allstream will follow through.”

John Bogaty, Owner and President, Pacific Northwest Telco

Sorting Through Overpromises

Bogaty says that too many suppliers in the telecommunications industry are more concerned with selling products and services, not with solving customer problems. “Performance and experience is way overpromised,” he says. For example, a supplier that simply sells additional bandwidth but doesn’t address outdated routers in a customer’s office isn’t solving the customer’s problem.

PNT’s experts offer a consultative approach to their customers, pinpointing actual problems and providing business solutions. “You
want to address what our customers are trying to accomplish from a business perspective,” he says. “You focus on two things: either
you’re going to increase the ability to be more productive, which drives revenue, or you’re going to dramatically address what they’re
paying for quality service.

“The easiest sale you make is one where customers can connect what you’re giving them with increased productivity for their business,” he says. “If you solve problems rather than just sell a service and move on, that customer will come back to you for other things.”


A key value that PNT and Allstream share is trust. “Trust isn’t that hard in concept,” Bogaty says. “But it’s hard to find as a consistent value. Trust is built by following through. It’s a culture that’s created from the top down.” Allstream has created that culture, he says. “It’s built by following through, being accountable and owning mistakes you make. Allstream is totally committed to that” kind of trust.

“Sometimes it might be more convenient to avoid a subject because it’s difficult, sometimes you don’t want to share or be honest,” Bogaty says. Allstream is forthright and transparent, he says. Bogaty says that PNT and Allstream are strongly aligned in their shared emphasis on trust, which he says translates into his relationships with customers. “I can feel comfortable committing services to the customers and know they’ll follow through,” he says.

Allstream and Pacific Northwest Telco: A Genuine Partnership

Bogaty says that PNT enjoys a strong relationship with Allstream. “In the simplest terms, Allstream demonstrates and behaves in ways that I believe I really have a partnership. It’s not just a slogan or term.” A big factor in PNT’s relationship with Allstream is the access Bogaty has to decision makers at Allstream. Bogaty appreciates that Allstream executives are willing to solve customer problems creatively, even when it means doing things outside the norm.

“Other suppliers just want to invite me to events and try to get me to sell their products,” he continues. But with Allstream, “I’m not just a sales tool. We’re really working strategically to solve problems. “We genuinely work collaboratively and in a partnership manner to address providing solutions to customers,” Bogaty says. “Of all suppliers I work with, the relationship with Allstream is the best in that I can work with upper management, I can work with my channel manager, I can work with other direct sales reps” to provide the right solutions to customers and grow PNT’s business.