“Our Goals are One and the Same”

Digital Planet Communications and Allstream Use a Shared Values Approach to Create Long-Term Customer Relationships.

The Digital Planet Story

Founded in 2001, Digital Planet Communications (DPC) offers custom cloud, voice, data, IT, and mobility solutions. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota – DPC partners with a variety of technology providers in order to bring the best solutions, premier local service and support to their clients. The company has been an Allstream partner since late 2001 and provides Allstream services to over 100 customers.

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“Problem-solving is easy with Allstream…they provide the level of support that our customers expect.”

Brent Killen, Vice President, Digital Planet

DPC focuses on mid- to enterprise-level customers in industries as diverse as retail, finance, insurance, health care and transportation. The company specializes in procuring, implementing and supporting cloud phone and contact center solutions. Digital Planet put customers at the heart of everything they do, looking to create customer relationships that last well into the future. DPC is focused on continued, consistent growth through the acquisition of new logos and the sale of new products and technologies to their existing customers.

Digital Planet’s Mission and Values

Consultative Approach

Digital Planet prides itself on its consultative approach to providing customer solutions. “Every customer is unique, and every opportunity is a chance to solve a unique problem,” says Brent Killen. The company focuses on providing total, integrated business solutions rather than one individual commodity at the lowest price.

“We focus on the pieces of the business that are not commoditized,” says Killen. Allstream’s array of products and services adds a wide range of options to Digital Planet’s other offerings, which in turn allows DPC to design solutions that meet the full spectrum of customer needs. “We try to dig in and talk about what collaboration tools people are using, what video conferencing tools people are using and how to integrate all of these platforms together to give their employees and their customers a great experience,” says Killen.

Staying Two Steps Ahead

DPC consultants work hard to stay ahead of developments in the market. “We have to stay ahead of everybody else as far as what’s coming down the pike for products, services and technologies,” Killen says. “If you’re not two steps ahead, you miss out on opportunities because things move so fast from a technology perspective. We invest a considerable amount of time on continuing education so we are prepared to steer customers in the right direction.”

The company’s perspective on thought leadership ties back to its focus on the customer. “Our customers don’t always have the time to invest in understanding everything that might be happening in the cloud phone space or cloud infrastructure space,” Killen says. “That’s our job as a thought leader to stay ahead of that and make sure customers are educated.”

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“Allstream has consistently supported DPC’s efforts to build long-term customer relationships—from initial contact through the final system installation”

Brent Killen, Vice President, Digital Planet

Building Long-Term Customer Relationships

Killen says that Allstream has consistently supported DPC’s efforts to build long-term customer relationships—from initial contact through the final system installation. “The initial installation is what customers remember,” he says. “If that goes well, there’s a good chance that the entire relationship is solid from start to finish.”

Killen appreciates the collaboration he gets with local Allstream representatives and engineers. On one recent install, Killen and the Allstream engineer performed a site survey of a 75+ user location and identified multiple data switches. As a result, DPC and Allstream recommended the customer migrate to a consistent switching platform to avoid call quality problems throughout the facility.

Problem-solving is easy with Allstream as well. “With technology, there are issues that arise throughout customer lifecycle, and we need a partner that has the technical support and customer support that if something does go wrong, they’re responsive,” Killen adds. “Allstream has been that way for 19 years. They provide the level of support that our customers expect.” The combination of local presence, technical expertise and responsiveness helps DPC create a successful customer experience.

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Allstream and Digital Planet: Shared Goals & Shared Values

Allstream has worked with DPC since its founding, sharing an intense focus on the customer as a central value. “Our goals are one and the same,” Killen says. “We both want to grow our business with good quality customers that help increase our revenues.”

“Both we and Allstream are focused on providing a good customer experience,” says Killen. To that end, he especially appreciates the local presence of Allstream’s Minneapolis office. “Allstream has always had a very strong presence in this market,” he says. “It seems like Minnesota businesses want to deal with others that are here locally.” The support of both the local Allstream pre-sales group and engineers and installers allows Killen to give his customers the care and attention they need.

Providing a quality customer-focused experience must involve close collaboration between Allstream and Digital Planet, and that collaboration can’t exist without shared trust and loyalty. Killen knows that whatever his customers need, he can get the answers and support necessary from Allstream experts.

From a business perspective, Killen appreciates the support Allstream provides Digital Planet and DPC’s clients. “They go above and beyond the standard ‘here’s your quote, here’s your contract,’” he says, citing Allstream’s support in developing DPC’s business strategy and providing marketing support and social media training. “They help us in ways that don’t necessarily bring a direct financial benefit to Allstream,” he says. “That’s the kind of partner I want to work with.”