“We’re Part of the Team”

Avega and Allstream Bring Shared Values and Resources to Canada’s Small and Mid-sized Businesses.

The Avega Story

Founded in 2002, Avega, Inc., provides tailored connectivity and cloud collaboration solutions for small to mid-sized businesses in Canada. President Steve D’Agostino brings over three decades of experience to his company, and together with his team of approximately ten employees, focuses on expanding Avega’s product set to complement Allstream services and expand into areas new to Allstream.

Teamwork in office

“They really boost us up and allow us to do much more than the resources we have.”

Steve D’Agostino, President, Avega

As an Allstream partner since 2002, Avega’s offerings center around integrating products that keep businesses connected to their key stakeholders. Avega strives to be a top Canadian partner by leveraging solutions such as IT CloudView, UCCV Contact Center, and Direct SIP connections to Microsoft Teams.

Avega Mission and Values

Synthesizing Resources for Customer Advantage

As a small shop, Avega relies on the resources and support it gets from Allstream to maximize what it can offer its customers. “They really boost us up and allow us to do much more than the resources we have,” says D’Agostino. He especially appreciates the training and technical support he gets from his channel sales manager. “He is so active to train and support my team that I get a lot more out of them,” he says. “That support frees me to focus on other things.”

Allstream’s innovation is a key factor in growing Avega’s business as well. “The IT CloudView solution allows us to go where we haven’t before,” says D’Agostino. “It’s helping to expand our customer base and bolt on more cross-selling opportunities.”

These resources allow Avega to offer unique, tailored solutions that their customers need. “What we tell our customers is you get the comfort and peace of mind of dealing with and getting service from a large, multi-national corporation with deep technical resources combined with attention and knowledge of a boutique shop that’s going to take care of you personally,” says D’Agostino. “That combination appeals to a lot of clients.

“We advocate for the client,” he continues. “We simplify the buying process for the customer. We give them the sense that they’re getting a solution that’s not the only product we sell and comfort that they’re getting something that fits. And because we advocate, they don’t have to chase things to get things done. We run down issues to free up their time.”

Happy Man and Woman

“Trust is paramount. If we don’t trust how a company handles their channel, I am not going to choose them as a partner. I have that trust with Allstream.”

Steve D’Agostino, President, Avega

Staying on the Leading Edge

One key advantage Avega has in the marketplace is D’Agostino’s length and depth of experience in telecom; he has been marketing and selling communication products since 1983.

But D’Agostino doesn’t use his experience to avoid learning about new products. In addition to reading extensively and attending webinars and industry conferences, D’Agostino leverages his extensive network of colleagues to evaluate trends. “I don’t have a crystal ball,” he says, “but when you start to hear things repeatedly, you zero in.”

“I also understand that timing’s important,” he adds. “We don’t necessarily jump into something right away. We look for solutions that are needed to solve our own business problems that are common to others.”


Customer Focus

D’Agostino recalls a customer who called with voice issues over multiple sites. As he asked more questions, he discovered that the company was dissatisfied with its current IT provider. Avega proposed a trusted MSP tied with Allstream SD-WAN to improve internet connectivity and a new Cloud phone system for a complete IT and voice infrastructure. The comprehensive solution included Office 365 as well, giving the company an integrated solution that solved more than just voice issues.

That kind of solution can only come about as a result of real customer focus, suggests D’Agostino. “Our most important conversation with a customer is the discovery call—the first call,” D’Agostino says. “This is the call where you start to peel back about an issue, and as you ask more questions, you uncover more issues.” That’s what helps Avega curate the right solution for the client. “If you only sell one thing, you just fix that one problem,” he says. “We can pull everything together for the right solution.”

Allstream and Avega: Trust and Inclusiveness for Future Growth

Key to Avega’s value proposition is trust. “Trust is paramount,” says D’Agostino. “If we don’t trust what our partners offer, we won’t represent it. If we don’t trust how a company handles their channel, I am not going to choose them as a partner. I have that trust with Allstream.”

D’Agostino says that the best part of working with Allstream is “in a word, inclusiveness. They really bring the partner into the organization. We have access to everything we need, and we really feel like we’re part of the team.”