FAQ: Simplified Billing Platform

To better serve our customers, Allstream is introducing a new simplified billing platform. There will be no change to your Billing Account Number (BAN) nor the services that you receive from Allstream. If you are currently a Pre-Authorized Payment customer, no action is required on your part to continue having your payment processed in this manner.

The following billing changes will take effect next month:

  • The usage period for your monthly bill will now be from the first day to the last day of each month; the invoice date will also be the first day of the month.
  • Invoice details will be available in TeleManager® by accessing the 360 Portal.
  • If you receive a printed invoice today, you will continue to receive one in the future. However, itemized details, such as circuit-based charges and call details will now only be available online in TeleManager®. Access requires you to pre-register in the 360 Portal.
  • If you are a current Touchpoint Portal user, you should have already received an e-mail with details on how to access the new Allstream 360 Portal.
  • If you have never accessed an Allstream Portal to view your billing information, a separate welcome package will be arriving soon in the mail.

1. When will the change be implemented?

A: Customers will receive the new invoice from the Simplified Billing Platform December 1st

2. Will the paper invoice be impacted (size, content, etc.)?

A: Yes. The following changes are occurring:

a. Mailed invoices: Customers will continue to receive a mailed invoice copy of their invoice
b. Summary Format: The invoice will be in a 3 to 4 page summary format for all customers.
c. Invoice Details: Details of the invoice, such as Call Record Details and Circuit Level details will only be available in TeleManager® (via the 360 Portal)
d. Bill Date: All customers will now be invoiced on the 1st of each month. The usage period will be from the 1st to the 31st (or last day) of each month

3. Is there any change to the existing PDF invoice available through the portal?

A: Yes. The PDF available on the 360 Portal will be the same as the mailed summary invoice.

4. Is there any impact to the customer or bill account number?

A: No, the customer number and bill account number will remain the same.

5. How do I access the charge detail for my account?

A: The detail will be available through TeleManager® which is accessible through the 360Portal. Instructions on how to access the 360 Portal have been mailed out to contacts within the Customer’s organization.

6. Are there plans to deliver a paperless invoice?

A: Although we currently do not offer the option of a paperless invoice, Allstream is striving to provide this option in the near future.

7. Is there any impact to invoices generated prior to the change?

A: No, there will be no change to invoices generated prior to December 2018.

8. Is there any impact to invoice delivery times (mailing, courier, electronic)?

A: No, customers will continue to receive their invoices at the existing delivery time (postal strikes notwithstanding).

9. Is there any impact to payment options?

A: No, payment options will remain the same

10. Is there any impact to payment due dates?

A: No, the invoice will continue to have the same payment due date.

11. Is there any change to my services as a result of the new billing platform?

A: There will be no change to your services.

12. Toll-Free Split Billing: How come all my TF charges are now under 1 account?

A: As part of the simplified billing platform all Toll-Free charges are now billed under a single account. Call record details are available through TeleManager®. Reporting is also available in TeleManager® to see all related charges including Toll-Free by service location. For customer with analytics the Toll Free Details Report will provide the detailed information. Customers with iReport select ‘Voice Usage Charges Report’ and select ‘Toll Free’ filter.

13. Will the amount of my bill change as a result of the new billing platform?

A: For the majority of Customers, there will be minimal changes to the amount of your monthly bill. Customers who make short duration calls (i.e. calls less than 10 seconds) may see an increase on their invoice, as these types of calls will now be charged. A separate communication will be sent out to those customers that we anticipate may be impacted by this change.

14. Is there any impact to TeleManager® as a result of the invoice changes?

A: No, there will be no impact to TeleManager®.