Doug Denney, VP, Legal and Regulatory

Doug Denney VP, Legal and RegulatoryDoug is the VP of Legal and Regulatory where he supports six teams: Human Resources, Access Management, Vendor and Customer Contracts, Real Estate, Procurement, as well as Legal and Regulatory.

Doug was working on his Ph.D. in economics at Oregon State University when the 1996 Telecom Act was passed and was recruited by AT&T to help implement the Telecom Act. Doug started at Allstream’s predecessor, Eschelon Telecom in 2004. With AT&T and Allstream Doug has been an expert witness before State Regulatory Commissions and the FCC in more than 50 proceedings on a wide variety of topics from cost studies to operational support systems. Doug is focused on efficiency, reducing costs, resolution of disputes and negotiation of a wide variety of agreements.