Allstream Bill Format Update 2019

Invoice Format Update 2019


Changes are coming to your invoice.

To make it easier to review and understand your bill, we’re introducing an updated, simplified invoice format.

This change is part of our ongoing commitment to look for ways to improve our service to you.

The new format will be introduced in your September 2019 invoice.

Some of the format changes include:

  • A dedicated section in the top right summarizing your account information to ensure you will always have quick and easy access to this information.
  • All the contact numbers and emails you will need for any support and repair related issues.
  • A high level summary of your monthly account charges with the individual charges listed on the following page(s).
  • Invoices now include a remittance slip, which you must print and include with your payment cheque.

Other updates include:

  • Account numbers have been modified. Currently, account numbers follow this format: (2) letters followed by (6) numbers, a slash (/) then (6) numbers e.g. CW123456/789101. If your Account Number contains CW or CA, we are removing the first portion of the account number (everything up until the slash (/).
    • We are not introducing brand new account numbers. Now Account Numbers only include the (6) numbers of the original series. Please make note of your Account Number, as you will need to reference it with any correspondence or communications with Allstream. 
  • The list of all support and repair contact numbers and email addresses have been updated – please keep these handy to ensure you can always reach us for any questions or concerns you may have.

We have not made any changes to your invoice due date, associated fees and remit address. The changes we have made will make it easier for you to interpret your bill and connect with us for any questions you may have. 

As a reminder, did you know that if you register with you can use this new website to view, download or print your current and past invoices, open Billing and Incident tickets and view status updates on open tickets? In fact, once a ticket is open we will be able to send alerts to the contact registered in our system. Make sure to have your account number to register. 

Should you have any questions about the new format, please reach out to us at