Allstream Unveils IT CloudView to Elevate Managed IT to the Next Level

Designed to be a Complete Package to Manage your Customized IT Environment

(Toronto, ON) November 20, 2019 – Today Allstream announced a new managed IT solution, IT CloudView, which delivers best-in-class management of enterprise-wide IT environments. The IT CloudView solution is designed to be a complete package with an easy-to-use, visual dashboard. From one single dashboard, IT teams can monitor and manage Wi-Fi access points, LAN switches, security appliances, SD-WAN, mobile corporate devices and video surveillance cameras. This means less time spent wrangling software, and more time making sure the business is running smoothly.

IT CloudView includes everything an IT department needs to manage their environments, from integrated hardware and software to cloud services. This solution is powered by Cisco Meraki and backed by Cisco Talos Intelligence Group, one of the largest commercial threat intelligence teams in the world. The solution uses telemetry and sophisticated systems to defend customers against known and emerging threats. At the same time the solution discovering new vulnerabilities in common software and intervening before they can cause further harm.

“This is an exciting time for Allstream. With the addition of IT CloudView, Allstream can now provide a very simple end-to-end approach for a full suite of products, in combination with unified communications, Internet, data and cross-border connectivity. That’s a major advantage for our customers and something they can’t get from other providers,” said Scott Bussey, Vice President – General Manager Cloud Communications, Allstream. “There’s a reason Allstream has been an official Cisco Meraki Reseller and a Cisco Gold Certified Partner for over 15 years. Allstream makes advancements with customer top of mind, designing solutions that seamlessly integrate and scale with our customer’s needs so businesses can focus on growing their enterprises.”

IT CloudView will have direct benefits for IT staff and for the C-suite. Rather than disparate products and services from different vendors, video surveillance, Wi-Fi and other aspects of the business world that were siloed, with IT CloudView they, and their costs, are streamlined under one solution. This will make it easier and more efficient to safeguard businesses and get valuable insights to help improve bottom line.  “Organizations need help streamlining critical IT functions and disparate products from different vendors. The combined force of Cisco Meraki and Allstream offer the power of our full platform with Allstream’s unparalleled installation and support services,” said Ben Fallon, Sr. Director, Global Channel & SP, Cisco Meraki. “We’re thrilled to be working with Allstream to bring their new managed IT solution, IT CloudView, to customers throughout the United States and Canada.”

With the new managed IT solution, IT CloudView, IT departments and C-suite will now experience tremendous benefits:

  • IT CloudView automatically optimizes and delivers superior performance in wireless environments, even under intense interference conditions.
  • A cloud-based approach offers the latest and greatest technology, without the overhead of on-premises infrastructure and the costs associated with maintaining those disparate systems with updates automatically pushed from the Cloud.
  • IT CloudView ties video surveillance into networking solutions, so safety concerns can be addressed. In fact, the IT CloudView dashboard provides secure monitoring and management of all cameras from anywhere in the world — no extra software required. This provides peace of mind to employees and customers. It also safeguards businesses from fraudulent claims.
  • With the ability to see network trends and anomalies instantly, IT CloudView provides new insights into how the network is being used and where trouble might be lurking. The ability to find any individual client device that has recently connected to the network, along with where and when they arrived, can be crucial for both monitoring network performance and for troubleshooting. Finally, the ultimate network in visibility all in one place.

“With IT CloudView, our customers will get a truly intuitive web-based dashboard,” said Scott Bussey, Vice President – General Manager Cloud Communications, Allstream. “The simplicity of being able to monitor and make changes within the system is game-changing. By managing all devices together under one roof, IT teams can stay informed and be able to react quickly and with accuracy in the event of an issue.”


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